JAG Investors

AT&T: AT&T has invested over $500,000 since inception to launch the JAG Go-Deep National Demonstration Project as well as fund growth across the state.


Bank of America: Bank of America has partnered with JAG Nevada to provide supportive services to JAG students across the state.

Bank of Nevada continues to provide support to JAG Nevada, fostering the outcomes that confirm the impact of the program for the youth of our state.

Cox Charities awarded funding to JAG Nevada for the current school year.  This funding will be spent on tutoring which is a key component to success for those that we serve.


Kinross Round Mountain partners with JAG Nevada by underwriting the JAG Program at Round Mountain High School.


MGM Resorts International: MGM Resorts International invests in JAG Nevada by underwriting the Valley High School JAG program.  Additionally, the MGM Resorts Foundation, which is employee driven, is funding 4 Employment Showcases for the current school year.


Nevada Department of Education: The organization continues to receive funding through the Nevada Department of Education, confirming the impact the program is having on the youth of Nevada.


NV Energy: NV Energy continues to partner with JAG Nevada by sponsoring a JAG Stem day in the spring of 2020.


Sands Cares continues to support the JAG Nevada program by offering career exploration activities and experiences within hospitality to those that we serve.


State Farm: State Farm has partnered with JAG Nevada since 2017 in order to deliver enhanced tutoring services that ensure students attain a high school diploma on their way to career success.  Support also comes in the form of State Farm employees providing guidance, mentorship and motivation in JAG classrooms!


Strada Education Network (formerly USA Funds): Strada Education Network through JAG National invested 1.25 million dollars to grow JAG Nevada in Clark County.  Most recently, Strada has invested $500,000 to support the Education to Employment (E2E) program which hosts networking events, connects students to internship opportunities and employment, and provides career exploration activities to the youth of our community.  


Tesla: Tesla and JAG Nevada have created a tradition that employs JAG graduates at the Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada.  This initiative has led to JAG's Education to Employment (E2E) program connecting youth to careers in high need industries around the state. Tesla has named JAG as a recipient of its' Nevada K-12 Education Investment Fund, allowing for the continued positive outcomes from this partnership.


Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo continues their investment in JAG Nevada with funding to provide services to students in creating pathways to success as well as a capacity building grant which allows for a stronger organization and service of more youth in the long term.