Class of 2018

Diego moved to Las Vegas in 4th grade, successfully navigating his way through middle school and then onto high school.  But Diego’s life changed when during his sophomore year his father experienced medical issues.  Diego’s father spent much of the year in the hospital and Diego admits that attendance at school was not a priority and when he did show up he was not in the mood to learn.  ‘I struggled to keep myself motivated and focused during this time’. 

Thankfully Diego’s father regained his health but Diego found himself in a difficult situation.  By ignoring his education, Diego was credit deficient and in danger of not graduating.  Diego knew that his credits and GPA did not truly reflect his academic abilities nor the person that he was, but he needed support.  Enter JAG Nevada.  Through this program, Diego was provided the opportunity to make up his credits and get back on track for graduation. Additionally, JAG views graduation as just the beginning, with a key element of the program being to connect students to a career path.  Diego strives for a career in law enforcement in order “to help make a difference the way so many people have made a difference for me.”