Class of 2019

Before JAG, Kai describes her school performance and attitude towards life as all wrong.   Her grades were horrible and her life was a shambles.  Her father had become unemployed and they had no way to pay their rent and other bills.  Her family moved to Sparks so her father could find work.  This is where Kai found the JAG program.

By this time, Kai had failed all of her freshman classes and had given up hope of her situation getting better.  She thought that she had dug herself into too big of a hole to ever escape.  But Kai’s JAG specialist knew better.  She helped her to fit in and to find new friends, and Kai was able to raise her GPA to a 3.0!  She also began making up the freshman credits that she had lost.

JAG helped Kai get back on track.  She is currently applying for the Promise Scholarship and plans to attend TMCC as soon as she graduates.  She is planning to become a medical technician and strongly feels that JAG has given her the skills, the hope and the desire to set and achieve high level goals

She feels much better prepared to face the future and whatever it may bring because of the three years she has spent in the JAG program. JAG has made an incredible difference in Kai’s life and will continue to do so in the years to come.