Western High School

Class of 2016

One fall day, JAG Specialist Josh handed out paper lunch sacks to his students with the instruction to bring them back the next day with items that were meaningful to them.

The following day his students brought the bags back with a wide array of items.  Tabitha, a bright senior, had only one thing in her bag.  It was a key—specifically, a door key.  Everyone was puzzled until Tabitha explained why it was meaningful to her.  For the first time in years, her home had a front door.

All throughout high school, Tabitha, her mother and her two sisters had been living out of an old van in a park.  Although homeless, she still tried to attend school regularly.  Through the JAG curriculum, Josh began building trust with Tabitha. 

Tabitha was a quick learner and absorbed everything Josh taught, both in class and during his one-on-one mentoring sessions.  Within a few months, he had helped both Tabitha and her mother learn how to find employment and then, subsequently, an affordable apartment. The key in her bag, she explained, was meaningful not only due to her improved circumstances, but also because it signified the hope she now felt.  She had unlocked a new door to the future.

In the spring of 2016, Tabitha graduated on time with her class.   Today she still holds down a job, has been accepted into Nevada State College, and has plans to go into the medical field.