Class of 2019

Before I signed up for JAG, I didn’t really care about school. I would fake being sick to stay home and ditch classes more often than I attended.   I thought that school didn’t matter.

JAG has completely flipped my perspective on life.  The year I started JAG my father passed away and I fell into a deep dark place of substance abuse and depression.  My JAG Specialists helped me get through this difficult time and have shown me that life isn’t as bad as it sometimes seems. They pushed me to do my homework, come to school and inspired me to want to learn more and participate in class.

JAG has helped me to stay away from drugs and alcohol and focus on what I need to focus on—my own success.  JAG has put me on track to graduate in June, and I plan to enlist in the National Guard and to become a Chemical Equipment Engineer.  After the military, I would like to work at Tesla. 

JAG has given me many opportunities and shown me so many things.  JAG has even given me the opportunity to meet Governor Sandoval and members of our state legislature.

These wonderful opportunities happened because of JAG!