Class of 2017

Before I entered JAG, I was struggling to terminate friendships with people who were leading me down the wrong path—a path that included alcohol and drug abuse.  When one of my older siblings was incarcerated, I knew at that moment that I had to turn my life around. If I didn’t, I knew I would end up as just another statistic (single mother, high school dropout, working multiples jobs). 

My parents had made many great personal sacrifices to come to America and give my family a better life. I wanted to honor them, so I changed my path by joining JAG!

In high school, JAG made sure I accomplished my ultimate goal—that I walk across the stage with a high school diploma in my hand!  And JAG did so much more.  JAG taught me how to present myself as a professional and to believe in myself at all times no matter what happens.

Today, I am successful thanks to JAG.  I am in the Metropolitan Police Department’s Explorers Program, and plan to attend community college in pursuit of a criminal justice degree. I thank JAG for helping me find my pathway to success!